Range UV-Xtrem

Your tough choice !

UGIVIS introduces its UV-Xtrem product range fitted for high demanding customers who are searching for :
quality, security and traceability.


  • Made in France
  • Raw material made in Europe in accordance to several high quality standards (PED, TÜV, AD 2000…ASTM, ASME)
  • Low carbon content
  • High Nickel and Molybdenum content
  • Resistant and identifiable packing and labelling
  • Certificat 3.1 according EN 10204
  • Special documents available and procedures : PPAP, IS, IMDS.


  • Class of quality : 80 – 100 – 120
  • Certififed and guaranted mechanical resistance by our laboratory
  • Improved corrosion resistance compared to a standard A4
  • Certification TÜV for pressure equipments
  • Anti galling treatment on demand.
  • Locking and sealing patches on demand.


  • Manufacturing lot number on each box
  • Production data and recordings stored for 30 years
  • Production samples stored for 30 ans
  • Internal logitistic managed with RFID technology.


  • Products sold hereunder which are manufactured by UGIVIS Company are warranted to conform to specifications of latest issue. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties whether expressed or implied, including without limitations any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
    UGIVIS will repair or replace without charge to the buyer, except for the cost of shipping, products under warranty, which are returned to UGIVIS ‘s factory which UGIVIS in its sole opinion finds were not manufactured in accordance with the warranty and have not been subjected to misuse or modified in any way.
    This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the buyer under this warranty.
UV-Xtrem grades :
Austenitic A4L
Martensitic 1.4418
Lean duplex 1.4062  –  1.4162  –  1.4362
Duplex 1.4462
Super-Duplex 1.4507
Super austenitics 1.4529  –  1.4539  –  1.4547  –  XM 19
PH stainless steels 17-4PH  –  1.4980
High Temp. Nickel Alloys 80A  –  718
Corrosion Resistance Nickel Alloys K500  –  C276


UV-Xtrem range : M4 – M20

ISO 4014 – 4017
ISO 4762

Nuts ISO 4032 & 4161 : Available soon

Plain Washers ISO 7089 & 7093 : Available soon

If you want a tailor product ask us !